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I'm Gemma

After 10 years of chronic back pain that was triggered by stress...

I'm now 100% Pain-Free


I support people just like you to have a stress and pain-free life.

I was a busy mum with a business and a full-time family and was always trying to control and do everything perfectly. But working at this pace for so long left me with 10 years of chronic back pain.

In hindsight, I can see... My body was reacting to stress.

I finally cured my pain when I admitted to myself that the pain was due to stress and was being made worse by the fear that I would never recover.

At the time I was in denial that I was stressed. But I can see now that my body took on this stress in the form of physical pain so that I could ignore the emotions and keep working!

Discovering my own strengths using Clifton Strengths was a game-changer for me both personally and professionally.

I was able to finally figure out who I was and more importantly who I was not!

Once you know, love and use your strengths, life gets a whole lot easier. (So does parenting, marriage and work!)

Now it's time for me to help you discover your greatest strengths, retrain your brain, reduce your frustrations and take your life back!

As well as being a certified strengths coach with an ICF accredited qualification, I am also a wife, a mother of two young children and a British Expatriate. I have been fortunate enough to live and work in many places across the UK, USA, UAE and currently Sri Lanka.

Once you start on this journey with me you will see how straight forward it is to discover your strengths, change your deepest thought patterns, reduce your frustrations and live stress and pain-free.

I know you are great at putting others first and taking on the world, but now it's time to focus on you.

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I can help you...

If you are suffering from back pain, knee pain, allergies, skin rashes, fibromyalgia, migraines, shoulder, neck pain.

Or many other conditions that you suspect is triggered by stress.

If you have tried everything else or want to avoid surgery what do you have to lose?

Are you..?

  • A perfectionist

  • Very sensitive

  • Ambitious

  • Anxious

  • A people pleaser

  • A hard worker

  • Very responsible

  • Conscientious

If you are... I can help you

I can help you if...

You are feeling...

Exhausted and grumpy

Feel alone

Distracted from the moment

Struggle to sleep

Fear for our future

You are...

A perfectionist

Very sensitive



A people pleaser

A hard worker

Very responsible


You have...

Any joint pain - Back, knee, ankle etc

Allergies, Skin rashes



*For full list of conditions contact me

Does any of this sound familiar? Yes... I can help you.

How we work together

During a series of virtual private sessions, we will explore the following areas together.

1 - Learn the science

You will learn why we have pain in the first place as well as techniques to break the pain cycle.

2 - Personality traits

You will learn how and why certain things trigger you and may be contributing to your pain. You will start to see relationships and stressful situations in a whole new way.

3 - Thought patterns

Some patterns of thought you learnt as a child could be contributing to your pain. We can explore what these beliefs are and make changes if needed.

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