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Ready to cure your pain?

An effective approach to cure your pain

Have you been experiencing pain for months? Or has Covid19 triggered your pain? Are you frustrated that you don't know how to cure it? This approach could be the answer to living a pain-free life.

Is this for you?

Just some of the symptoms we can help with...

Stomach pains, Irritable bowel syndrome, Tension headache, Eczema, Anxiety symptoms and/or panic attacks, Depression, Eating disorders, Insomnia or trouble sleeping, Fibromyalgia, Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Repetitive stress injury, Fatigue or Chronic fatigue syndrome, Pelvic pain, Muscle tenderness

For a full list of symptoms contact me


"It never occurred to me that my debilitating pain was a result of psychosomatic symptoms"

Melissa McCloud


"A month ago I was considering giving up. I was in pain so often without any solid, logical explanation. By that time I’d spent my entire youth trying to find out what was wrong with my body. If only I knew sooner it was actually the mind who needed help!"

Denisa Bara


"Realizing that my greatest strengths can oftentimes also be triggers to stress was a game-changer"

Steph Hedger

The pain-cycle

Our bodies react to stress

This doesn't mean "it's all in your head". The pain is very much real! I know. I have been there!

Our brains are not always able to tell the difference between a real threat such as a tiger about to attack you and the anxiety you face when under emotional stress. We go into fight or flight mode when we are overwhelmed!

Assuming that your pain is due to the body reacting to stress we can teach your brain that neither the pain, the emotions or the triggers are dangerous and can break the pain cycle.

You may be able to cure yourself without medication or surgery and it will probably be a lot quicker and more straight forward than you would think.

This was exactly what I had and now...

I'm 100% Pain-Free

Are you?

One or more of these personality traits? If yes...This approach could help you cure your pain.

  • A Perfectionist

  • Very Sensitive

  • Ambitious

  • Anxious

  • People Pleaser

  • Hard Worker

  • A Goodist

  • Very Responsible

  • Conscientious

3 Steps to be pain-free

1 - Education

You will learn a new approach to pain management. Our job is to break the connection between your mind and your physical pain.

As you learn about this approach you may immediately start to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

2 - Strengths discovery

Once we establish your unique strengths you will be able to operate from a place where you feel stronger as you go through your pain-journey.

You will also be able to figure out how to recognize and manage the frustrations and triggers in your everyday life.

3 - Core Beliefs

We can explore any beliefs and thoughts you may be having that could be keeping you locked into the pain cycle. You may also discover unresolved stress from your past that we can explore in connection with your pain.

I will teach you tools to help explore your own beliefs.

Is this for you?

This Program is right for you if any of the following are true for you...

You are frustrated with searching in the medical world for your ‘condition’

You are looking for actual tools that you can use to help yourself

You find yourself stuck in a pain-cycle and can’t figure out why

You are ready to learn and adopt a new theory about pain

You have had symptoms for 3 months or more

You have nothing to lose

Hi I'm Gemma

After 10 Years of Chronic Back Pain - I'm 100% Pain-Free

I support people just like you to have an easier pain-free life.

I was a busy mum with a full-time job and a full-time family always trying to control and do everything perfectly. But working at this pace for so long left me with 10 years of chronic back pain.

It's simple... My body was reacting to stress.

I finally cured my pain when I admitted to myself that the pain was due to stress and was being made worse by the fear that I would never recover.

At the time I didn't feel stressed and couldn't think of any trauma from my past. My body took on the stress in the form of pain so that I could ignore the emotions and keep working!

Now it's time for me to help you discover your greatest strengths, retrain your brain, reduce your frustrations and take your life back!

I'm a qualified life coach who specializes in this field and I have been where you are.

Once you start on this journey with me you will see how straight forward it is to discover your strengths, change your beliefs, reduce your frustrations and live a pain-free life.

I know you are great at putting others first and taking on the world, but now it's time to focus on you.

Woman on Computer

What are my options?

Free chat

Not sure if this approach is right for you?

During your free consultation, I can help you decide if this approach could cure your pain. We can also see if we click.

You have nothing to lose

Cure your pain

12 week package

You can expect to gain a deep understanding of your personality type in relation to pain management.

You will gain practical tools to help you become aware of triggers in your life. We will also explore and change core beliefs which could be contributing to your pain cycle.

All packages include one Clifton Strengths Assessment

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Chronic Pain: Sales Lead

I hear you...

  • Do you take on way too much?

  • Do you put the needs of others ahead of our own?

  • Do you try and balance everything?

  • Have you lost track of who you are?

  • Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed?

  • Are you in either physical or emotional pain?

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