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Do more than cross your fingers

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Conceive Faster

Our extraordinary group program

Optimise yourself to get pregnant

Maximise Me's 12 week online program - Conceive Faster - increases your chances of a successful pregnancy - from conception to live birth.

Improve your egg/sperm quality

Your egg or sperm quality may be low, lowering your chances of getting pregnant.

This quality can be bettered by nutritional changes and stress reduction.

Lose weight. Balance your hormones

Being overweight means it is harder to conceive because your ovulation may be irregular and your hormones in disarray.

You will also have more complications in pregnancy - increased risk of miscarriage, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and other risks.

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A new type of fertility program

Stress, Nutrition & Exercise

1. We go deeper to tackle 

the real reasons why you are not able to conceive

2. We help you get baby ready by breaking down your goal into achievable steps


3. We're with you all the way

in a fun, safe group environment.


4. We update your plan as we go, depending on how you're doing 


Program Details

- Individualised program with goals that are specific to you

- Group environment where you meet other comrades in the same boat

- Live Zoom video sessions once a week, coupled with recorded sessions and videos keep you accountable and in the know

- We track your progress and communicate with you as we go, using our mobile app

- We make sure you reach your goals, updating them regular intervals for maximum success.


We look at the whole of you and tackle

- What is holding you back?

- How to fix these issues 

- What and how you should be eating- in ways that fit with your lifestyle

- What and how you should be exercising- in ways that you enjoy and work for your body

- Lower stress, anxiety and better sleep

- Fix thyroid issues, weight and PCOS


Who you will be working with


Our dream team is made up of one Doctor and three Health Experts who cover the areas of - nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. 

Program led by Dr Priti Nanda Sibal, MBBS Gurgaon and India's leading Functional Medicine Expert. 

Fine Dining

You want a baby now

We hear you

You are trying to get pregnant, naturally or assisted, with a clinic. You feel like it might never happen. You're not sure of the best ways of maximising your chances of success.

You have been trying for a long time with no signs of pregnancy, and you may have had recurrent miscarriages leading to feelings of grief and loss. You feel added pressure because you feel you're running out of time. When you're researching, you read contradictory things about what you should be doing.  

You feel worried and scared of not being a parent, of being a failure in the eyes of others and yourself. You feel out of control with the situation. You're not used to feeling like this and it scares you. 

You're feeling 'why me'? Other couples can get pregnant, why can't we? You know this thinking isn't helpful, but you can't stop. 

All of this is putting pressure on your relationships- with your partner, employer, doctor and your bank balance. 

Meet Your Team
Dr Priti.jpeg

Dr Priti Nanda Sibal
- Program Lead

A medical doctor (MBBS) with 30 years experience who further qualified with a Fellowship in Functional Medicine and Anti-Aging (George Washington University, USA).


Dr Priti has reversed PCOS in 450+ women and had much success through her online group programs.


Her specialities include obesity and diabetes. She is the author of two books called -'Cyclic Keto' and '4 hr Rapid Fat Loss Diet'.


Jennifer de Mel
Fitness Specialist

Jen is a specialist in pre- and postnatal fitness from London, UK and is currently based in Sri Lanka. 

Jen works with mums and mums-to-be to strengthen and heal their bodies before, during and after pregnancy.


She teaches women to move with strength and confidence through the most physically demanding stages of their lives. 

Jen is a qualified REPs UK Level 3 Personal Trainer and holds several pre- and postnatal fitness certifications.


- Nutrition Specialist

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach focusing on women's hormone health including PCOS, thyroid, weight gain, nutrition, stress and sleep issues.


She used functional medicine to reverse her PCOS, Estrogen Dominance and Hashimoto's. Yoga practitioner, exercise enthusiast and mother of four.


Stress &
Mindfulness Specialist

Shalini Soni, a Functional Medicine Health Coach and Neuro Lingustic Practitioner specialises in Mindfulness and Mind Body medicine.

She works with corporates and individual clients to develop healthy mindsets and reverse chronic lifestyle diseases.


She specialises in collaborating with women of different age groups for healthy sustainable weight loss, hormone balancing, dealing with PMS, and other female hormonal issues.

Program Dates

5 August

- 21 October 2021



per month for

12 week program.

Mobile App

Our tele-health mobile app gives you live Zoom video sessions, plus the ability to learn, track and communciate in-between sessions to maximise your success.

Is this program for me?

Our Conceive Faster Online Program is designed specifically for you to conceive.

Our extraordinary12 week program blends Lifestyle & Science with The Functional Medicine Approach (USA). Functional Medicine tackles the root causes of illness, rather than treating just the symptoms. 

Being overweight lowers your chances of conception. Here's how.

Our Conceive Faster Program is for you if

1. You're having trouble conceiving in general

2. You suffer PCOS or Thyroid issues 

3. Your BMI > 25 (What's my BMI?)


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