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Be a better you

A makeover for the mind

3-Week Group Workshop for Women who want to Unlock Unique Strengths & Live Stress-Free


Starting Sept 15th

09:30 - 11:30AM (For 3 Weeks)

In Colombo, Sri Lanka


Virtual Workshop: Text

Do you ever find yourself stressing about little stuff?

Struggling to balance a million jobs for everyone else and never finding time for yourself?

Do you feel like a pressure cooker ready to explode at any time?

You’re not alone.

Figuring out how to stress less is probably one of the most precious skills any busy woman can possess.

Yes, it is possible​!

And this course is exactly that - you will quickly discover your unique strengths and learn how to leverage these strengths to stress less.

All whilst being 100% authentically you

Finding your strengths is easier than you might think …

As women, we are quick to find faults with ourselves. We are experts at spotting what others can do that we can't.

But for some bizarre reason, our unique strengths are so close, so ingrained we take them for granted.

They literally become invisible.

But what if we could see our strengths?

What if we could leverage our greatest strengths to squash our stress triggers and bring calm back to our lives.

And that's exactly what this course will do…

This is no ordinary stress management course …

Because it is about what is right with you not what is wrong with you.

It's about looking at the core of your personality. Mining for the gems. And then polishing these gems to allow you to be you on purpose.

This course is based on personal experience. I went from chronic pain levels of stress to 100% pain-free.

Image by Gian Cescon

You’ll quickly discover your own unique strengths

And then learn practical ways to use these strengths to stress less and become a better you

Identify your stress triggers

And remove everyday frustrations

Manage your reaction to stress

Follow a 3 step process (no more pressure cooker explosions)

Handle and defuse conflict

And do it your way

Develop stronger relationships

Even with the most difficult people in your life

This course will help you figure out exactly who you are.

You will be able to handle everyday stress triggers with ease allowing you to tap into your strengths to enjoy more of life.

what you can expect

1. A whole new approach to stress

  • Learn the pressure cooker theory... Are you about to explode?

  • Understand ways that your body knows you are stressed before you do

  • Why everything you learn in this course will automatically benefit your family

2. Learn to love your strengths and learn to love yourself

  • Find out the 'Real you' and stop wasting energy trying to be someone else

  • Gain significant confidence by embracing your unique qualities

  • Start feeling stronger for yourself and for your family

  • Avoid the types of self-talk that can destroy your confidence and be passed to your family

2. Learn to love others - even the annoying ones

  • Heard the phrase 'opposites attract'? Find out why you are attracted to your opposite and why it can backfire

  • Learn how to deal with the everyday frustrations of living with humans who seem like they are from a different planet

  • Find out why those annoying people could actually be good for you

3. Healing shame and perfection

  • Practice ways to be vulnerable in a safe space in order to release stress

  • Become a recovering perfectionist (like me)

  • Learn which of your strengths could be creating the illusion of perfection 

4. Don't be a victim, take control

  • You will be able to list your stress triggers and take control of your response

  • Apply techniques to handle your weaknesses to combat the stress of everyday life

  • Learn about the circle of influence and how you can operate within it

5. Giving and Receiving compliments

  • Quash the idea that 'too many' compliments will give you (or your kids) a big head

  • Apply new techniques to share compliments to those closest to you. Creating extra love at home without sounding cheesy!

  • Learn how to hear compliments meant for you. And how to accept them with grace

6. How to handle Conflict and stay friends

  • Find out why you either love or hate conflict. And why either is OK

  • How to handle conflict and strengthen the relationship

  • How to create boundaries for yourself and why they are a gift in relationships

7. Living in alignment

  • 'What about me?' Use new levels of confidence to balance your needs with the needs of your family

  • Every day you are not on your path you are evoking a stress response. You will start to explore your own path

  • Explore ways to play to your strengths in all areas of your life creating greater fulfilment.

8. Building relationships with your strengths

  • Why you could be feeling lonely even in a crowd

  • How to make friends as an adult. It's not as easy as when we were at school

  • Find out if you want friends that compliment or complete you? And how friends can help or hinder your stress levels

Sounds like a lot?

Yep, it's a lot​

But you’ll work step by step so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Workshops are tailored to your real-life examples making concepts easy to learn and practical to apply. 

But this learning is not just for you.

My wish is that when you start practising the lessons you learn in this course your family and friends will benefit too.

Playing to your strengths brings calm to the entire family.

This workshop will boost your confidence and give you practical tools to squash your stress.

These are lessons for life.


A Bit About Me

Stress caused me to have 10 years of chronic back pain. I'm now 100% pain-free and able to focus on being the best me for myself and for my family.

I’m a certified Life Coach and Clifton Strengths practitioner on a mission to help women Unlock their Potential & Live Stress (and Pain) Free.


Because I spent most of my life being a people-pleasing, perfectionist and control freak. This led to 10 years of chronic back pain, a lot of tears and being a frustrated angry mum. Not once did I consider it was due to stress.

I stumbled upon my life’s passion when I quit my corporate job as Director of Human Resources when our family relocated.

Stepping away from the rat race I retrained as a Strengths Coach. I quickly discovered using my strengths every day significantly impacted the way I would think, feel and act. The stress (and pain) melted away.

And honestly, I became a nicer person.

Knowing how destructive stress can be to families, I now help women around the world discover their unique strengths so they too can find the balance between stressing less and achieving more.

I did it… So can you

What others say about me

Here are just a few of the women who have been through the workshops


It was the best impromptu decision I had made because coaching under Gemma (as cliched as it may sound) changed my life!

Kala Perry


Absolutely brilliant, I have utterly loved getting to understand my strengths and how I can thrive. Gemma has a fantastic ability to bring out the best in you. I would recommend to anyone wholeheartedly. Do it!!

Hermione Warman


I began to find that day to day challenges, small or large, no longer seemed insurmountable. I am able to hone in on my strengths to have control over how I choose to tackle challenges/projects. As a relationship person I also wish I had known about strength training earlier in life!

Mary Prothero


Realizing that my greatest strengths can oftentimes also be triggers to stress was a game-changer.

It's so useful when you see it come to life at home and in the workplace. Really looking forward to the next session...

Steph Hedger

Avanthi Visa.jpeg

I used to have a lot of burn out at home and I couldn’t figure out why. This gave me an awareness of how my mind reacts the way it does. Helps you navigate your way through life.

Avanthi Colombage

Laura Pardoe.jpeg

Gemma manages to ask you thought-provoking questions which make you prioritise and process what's important to you. She is professional & friendly. At the end I am always feeling invigorated, refreshed and incredibly motivated

Laura Pardoe

What others say about the workshops...

It's hard to put into words how much I benefited from the strength training with Gemma! I walked away feeling fully ready to approach everything I do in a different way, a more thoughtful way. And now I understand myself in a way like never before. It's invigorating!

This approach had changed my perception of myself and the way that I relate with my daughter. It is a change of perspective and language that opens a new channels of more effective communication

Kate Steen

Catalina Gongora

I wanted a reset button to re-find myself. Gemma helped me accomplish all of this and more. Her positivity and honesty enabled me to move past the trailing spouse, wife, and mom labels. Now, I am using my strengths daily; my family is communicating better and we are having more laughter. This course has been a game-changer in my expatriate life.

Kristen Carpenter

Gemma is a very clear person, practised mom with wonderful examples, who with a dynamic and fun way guides and introduces a new way to relate with our children from love and admiration.

Silvia Restrepo

I used to be self-critical and now I remind myself of my unique strengths and try to approach life from that point of view. I was very impressed with strength training as it focussed on my positives and encouraged me to shift my perspective.

Farizeh Salahuddin

Doing the training in a group environment has really brought it home to me how different peoples characters and strengths are and that actually it’s great to be surrounded by such contrasting and dynamic people.

Thanks again Gemma to leading the way to all the “light bulb” moments!

Jo Evans

I was finally giving myself permission to actually be my Strengths, own them, and stop downplaying them. There were so many "A-ha" moments during the training.

The Group sessions are also invaluable, for giving you insight into the nature of other people's Strengths. Its made me less judgemental, towards both myself and others, hence close relationships of all natures can only benefit.

I have improved my productivity, working relationships with team members and enhanced my work-life balance substantially.
I've also learnt to be aware of my partner's strengths, which are entirely different, and use them to constantly improve our relationship.

Louise Wint

Aimeé Longley

Imagine if you could stress less and become a better you

Who is this workshop for …

This course is only for women who want to develop themselves personally and professionally.

- - We can not change others but we can always work on ourselves - -

Whether you work, are a stay at home mum, an entrepreneur or anything in between this workshop helps you stress less so that you can enjoy more of your life.

Image by Paige Cody

A course for busy women

For just 90 minutes once a week over 6 weeks, it's time to treat yourself to some quality 'me time'.

After all... Everything you learn you will pass onto your family. Everyone benefits.

Pre and post work is optional. Even if you have only 5 minutes, you can watch a video or complete (part of) an activity.

What you’ll get

The workshop includes:

6 week group workshop

  • 90 Minute Zoom workshops once per week

  • Safe intimate space

  • Maximum 6 participants (The equivalent number of coaching hours in a private setting is valued at $1494)

45 Minute Private Coaching (Worth $166)

  • 45 Minute coaching session with me to be used during the 6 weeks

  • A chance to dig deep into your unique combination of strengths

  • Opportunity to explore areas that are more personal to you

  • BONUS --- Sign up by 3rd Sept and get an extra 45 Minute private coaching. Worth $166

Gallup Clifton Strengths Assessment (Price $20, Value is priceless)

  • Complete 30-40 minute online Gallup Clifton Strengths Assessment

  • Discover your top 5 unique strengths (Be prepared for a surprise)

  • Receive 2 personalized strengths reports

Pre and post work for anyone who loves learning

  • Weekly activities to deepen learning

Access to private facebook support group

  • Life long access to me and my support group

  • Additional content posted monthly

WhatsApp support for 6 weeks

  • Private WhatsApp group for participants to deepen the learning between sessions

Meet Like minded people

  • Simply being part of a supportive group will give you a boost of oxytocin making you feel great

  • Meet like-minded people which may turn out to be extremely different from you (in a good way)

Access to workshop recordings

  • Workshops will be recorded should you miss a session or want additional recap

The workshop includes a Clifton Strengths assessment. So far 23,666,794 people around the world have taken this assessment to discover their strengths. Will you be next?

Virtual Workshop: Feedback Form
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sign up today


And learn to stress less and become a better you

BONUS --- Sign up by 3rd Sept and get an extra 45 Minute private coaching. Worth $166

Starting 8th September

12:30 London / 15:30 UAE / 17:00 Colombo

Send me your details today to reserve your space

Thanks for submitting!

What others say about this course


I just completed a group course and now so aware of why different family members behave in certain ways, and why I react the way that I do. I've become much more compassionate and am slower to react to former annoyances. Thank you Gemma for this clarity!

Melissa McCloud


My first ever coaching experience has been very helpful in learning how to control my defensive attitude.

Bianca Bara

Miriam Baker.jpeg

For years I have suffered from burnout. This course gave me a new awareness and a practical tool kit. Now I can see situations in a new way which has significantly reduced everyday frustrations.

Miriam Baker

Frequently asked questions

Is this course suitable for a stay at home mum?

Yes, the course is suitable for any woman who wants personal development. The lessons you will benefit all areas of your life.

How long will the course take?

The course runs over 6 weeks with one 90 minute session per week. And you can do as much or as little of the homework activities as you like.

What if I miss a session?

All workshops will be recorded so you can watch in your own time.

If I have been through your workshop can I sign up again?

Yes, every workshop is tailored to the group and your specific scenarios. So no two groups are the same. Previous participants have even gathered their own groups together and ran private workshops.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay either with Payal or bank transfer whichever is easier for you.

sign up today


And learn to stress less and become a better you

BONUS --- Sign up by 3rd Sept and get an extra 45 Minute private coaching. Worth $166


Starting 8th September

12:30 London / 15:30 UAE / 17:00 Colombo

Send me your details today to reserve your space

Thanks for submitting!

Image by William Iven
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