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Is getting pregnant, getting you down?

We coach you to conceive. Using Scientific methods.

How we help

We improve your health, so you can conceive.

Through individual and group coaching.


Lose weight. Reverse PCOS, Endometriosis & Diabetes.

Improve AMH & Sperm quality.

A healthier you can improve your chances of a baby by 4x*

We work with you towards a healthy baby sooner. Whether you've been trying a while, or just started, be top of your game mentally and physically. Our team has reversed PCOS in over 500 cases through lifestyle changes.  

*Dr Alice D Domar, Harvard Medical School 

Stress & anxiety is proven to lower your fertility 

Is baby-planning stressing you out? Research says the emotional impact of assisted fertility can be similar to having Cancer, with high rates of depression. We support your lonely journey, making it easier and faster. Stop the random Googling and get live personalised advice from experts who have worked with many.

Your egg and sperm quality  can be improved by nutrition

 We work with you to change your mindset and your lifestyle, across diet, fitness, stress and toxins. We'll do everything for you to have a baby. But whatever the outcome, we'll also help you have a Plan B.

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We hear you...

You want a baby now.

You are trying to get pregnant either on your own, or with a clinic. You feel like it might never happen. You're not sure of the best ways of maximising your chances of success.

You have been trying for a long time with no signs of pregnancy, and you may have had recurrent miscarriages leading to feelings of grief and loss. You feel added pressure because you feel you're running out of time. When you're researching, you read contradictory things about what you should be doing.  

You feel worried and scared of not being a parent, of being a failure in the eyes of others and yourself. You feel out of control with the situation. You're not used to feeling like this and it scares you. 

You're feeling 'why me'? Other couples can get pregnant, why can't we? You know this thinking isn't helpful, but you can't stop. 

All of this is putting pressure on your relationships- with your partner, employer, doctor and your bank balance. 

You do want to have a baby, but are there other ways?

We help people like you 

Assisted Journey

Trying to conceive?

If you're TTC either naturally or  with a doctor, we work with you to maximise your chances of conceiving. We complement your fertility treatment with easy lifestyle changes. We optimise your body and mind for the process of becoming a parent, so you're more likely to succeed. 


Employer or Professional Association?

Did you know that 1 in 5 of your employees are suffering fertility in silence? Low morale, rushing to doctor's appointments, jabbing themselves with hormones in the bathroom? Give support through individual health coaching, so they give it their best shot, and stay with you. 

Image by National Cancer Institute
Health Professionals

Fertility Clinic,

or Doctor?

If you're working with couples to conceive and carry to term, we complement your work with your patients to maximise their chances of success. We also lower your attrition rates. 

We're in this together.


I'm Niki

I went through IVF with little support. I now have a baby. 

I'm Niki and I went through IVF treatments a few years ago. I was 40 and in that dreaded age bracket of an older Mum. My husband was 7 years older. I had a busy corporate job and he's an entrepreneur. So we had a winning combination of older bodies, plenty of stress, travel and little free time.


We found that the fertility clinic took us successfully through the medical side, but that it was not really enough. They did not advise us on what to eat or how to relax to really help our chances. Although I'd been learning massage, yoga and meditation for almost 20 years, at that time I was hardly doing any of it. Because I was too busy with my job. 

The clinic took our raw materials-  eggs and sperm- and tried to make the best of it. They didn't work on improving  them by helping us reduce stress and improve nutrition, which I now know works. They were not there to support us when things didn't work or when we had a miscarriage. We had to deal with that alone. And that hurt. 

I have lived in the UK for 25 years, moving to Spain, USA, India and now Sri Lanka. I set up Maximise Me to help busy urban couples get and stay pregnant using Eastern wellness techniques and Western Medicine. I myself am certifying as Functional Medicine Health Coach.


I've put together the best team of specialists to help you. We hope you'll work with us to maximising your and your partner's chances.

Niki Gomez
alice domar.jpeg

Our Chief Fertility Advisor

Fertility pioneer Dr Alice D. Domar has joined our Advisory Board.

Dr Domar is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and Boston IVF clinic. She is the author of numerous books and a leader in the field of Mind-Body Medicine for Fertility.

Dr Domar has 30+ years of clinical research proving that treating women's mental health increases their rates of conception - which increased by 55% in her studies.

When women take part in her mind-body programs, their dropout rates from fertility treatment also fall dramatically. That's because 'psychological burden' or stress and anxiety is the biggest reason to stop treatment.

How we help you

If you have PCOS, Endometriosis, Diabetes or have experienced recurrent miscarriage we can help you. If you want to improve your AMH levels, sperm quality and reduce anxiety, speak to us.

We work with you on reducing stress and toxins, improving sleep, exercise and nutrition. We also work on your mindset. All of which maximise your chances of a baby. 

We don't use medication, but natural methods. Our techniques fit into any assisted fertility cycle you are going through. 

Our medical doctors are trained in both Western Medicine and Lifestyle and Functional Medicine.

We have a team of Health Coaches and Wellness professionals in Fitness, Nutrition and Stress-Reduction.

We work with you to create your personal health plan, coaching you to reach your goals and transform your life. 

As proof, we use Scientific medical reports and evidence-based data, rather than popular media.

We focus on the proven benefits of lifestyle on fertility.

What the medical research shows

Image by Haley Phelps


Women produce less progesterone as a result of stress, leading to the embryo having difficulty implanting in the womb. Women going through fertility treatments are also at a higher risk of depression- some studies say up to 90%. 

Stress impacts both the male and female sides.

Meditation and other stress relief techniques are proven to help. 

Read our summary of the latest medical research which shows how stress can hurt your chances of getting pregnant.

Image by Danielle MacInnes


A woman's health in the 9 months before an egg is released determines its quality - according to latest research from the Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital, USA.  

Stress, exposure to radiation or toxic chemicals during this time can have adverse effects on the developing egg. 

Egg quality can improve with diet- such as whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids, fish, and soy and reduced trans fats and red meat. 

Sperm quality also significantly  improves within 3 months of better diet and reduced toxins 

Being optimal weight, not too under or over-weight, increases your chances of conception. 



Latest research points to gut health and auto-immune diseases like Hashimoto's for recurrent miscarriages (that is when you have had more than 3). Inflammation in the body can be treated by nutritional changes.

It also seems that the body can reject the implantation of the embryo for reasons other than chromosomal abnormalities. 

Trusted by women around the world


 "Working with Maximise Me, I've developed my self care and wellbeing. They gave me inspiring sessions to control, monitor and understand the challenges I have experienced through phases of my working and personal life."


"I couldn't sleep through the night, as I kept having anxious thoughts. Maximise Me gave me fun micro-selfcare treats that got me sleeping like a baby in just 3 weeks!"


"Maximise Me been very good at teaching me how to breathe and feel my body in order to be relaxed. I think is a very helpful key to getting pregnant."


"Niki and her team are very skilled to customize the involvement and get the best out of everyone!

I was quite down when we started and feeling a bit lost, mostly by the isolation due to the pandemic and continuous lockdowns. I needed a boost to cultivate my passions again and appreciate small things and overall get my zest for life back. Niki greatly helped in the journey to get there."


"Before taking sessions with Niki I was not at my best and felt demotivated with diets. Together we kickstarted my health journey and a long-term transformation I'm sharing with my new family!"


121 Fertility Coaching

We work with you to conceive faster by changing your lifestyle and reducing the factors that are stopping you.

Your program is personalised to your body, your vision and goals. Our concept is to empower yourself, supporting you with the tools you need to get there. 

Many health programs become another New Year's resolution that you don't follow through. Most fertility programs are general, so they  may not prescribe solutions that actually work for you in the long-term. Ours do. 

Group Fertility Coaching

Our Conceive Faster Online Program is designed specifically for you to conceive.


A 12 week program where Lifestyle Meets Science using Functional Medicine (USA).


Led by

Dr Priti Nanda Sibal - Medical Doctor (George Washington University)) and Functional Medicine Expert specialising in reversing PCOS, diabetes and obesity

+ team of global health specialists in nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.

Our Fertility Packages

Meet Our Team
- online and in-person

Dr Priti.jpeg

Dr Priti Nanda Sibal

Doctor and Functional Medicine Expert- specialising in Weight loss, Diabetes Management, Autoimmunity, Adrenal Fatigue & Bio-identical Therapy. 

zara faisal.jpeg


Health Coach who specialises in all aspects of women's health from Thyroid, PCOS, hormone regulation, weight gain, nutrition, stress and sleep issues. 



Health Coach, specialised in nutrition, meditation, Yoga, NLP and hormone regulation. 

Dr Sheela.jpeg

Dr Sheela Nambiar

Registered OB/GYN, Fitness and Lifestyle Medicine physician. Head of the Association of Lifestyle Medicine in India, published author and founder of Training for Life gym.


de Mel

British Personal Trainer specalised in pre- and post-natal fitness. 




 Irish psychotherapist and counsellor with first-hand experience of fertility treatment.  

Audrey DIckinson.jpeg

Audrey Dickinson 

Netherlands-based Fertility Health Coach specialised in nutrition, particularly thyroid, immune and gut issues. First-hand fertility experience.     




British Stress Reduction and Chronic Pain Coach. Mother of two.

1 - Have a free
consultation call

Express interest by filling in your details below. There's absolutely no obligation.

We'll be in touch via email to set up a free call with us to discuss how we can help you.

Your partner, if you have one, is welcome to join too. 

2 -  Start optimising your fertility

Depending on your personal needs, you'll be given an Action Plan. Your journey will include private or group sessions and some self-practice, reflection and learning. Everything can happen remotely with live video sessions and content sent to you via our mobile app.

In better times, we can meet in-person. 

3 - Know you did everything you could to try and conceive

Our programs might do the trick and you might conceive! You can also follow up with private sessions with any of our team or wider specialists. We know Trying To Conceive can be a lonely process. We're in this together with you. We support you all the way! 


How we can work together

Our promise to you...


We know this is a sensitive subject, often taboo, that you may to be speaking about to anyone. You can trust that our discussions are 100% confidential. Our clients often comment on how much they value the non-judgmental 'safe space' to process their thoughts, with an expert who's gone through this themselves and with others.

Transform your baby journey

Our job is to help you maximise your chances of conceiving with increased self-understanding and specific actions. So you're sure you have given it your best shot. If your body clock is ticking or if you're paying for expensive fertility treatment, contact us. If you're freezing your eggs then we can help you too. 

Great investment

The time we spend together will help you change how you feel, deal with the baby journey and see the world forever. It will deeply benefit you as well as those closest to you. We often hear that your health, life and relationships dramatically improve as a result.


Choosing the right health support can be a stressful business. That is why we are proud that all our clients are through referral and word of mouth. We have been described as approachable, easy to open up to, and fun. Check out our testimonials!

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