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Our Health Programs are designed for people diagnosed with

- Inability to conceive (including unexplained infertility)

- Failed IVF

- Recurrent miscarriage

- All types of PCOS 

- Endometriosis

- Obesity 

- Diminshed ovarian reserve 

- Low sperm quality 

- Low energy levels

- Thyroid issues

- Pre-diabetes and Diabetes

- Hormone imbalances and mood fluctuations


Ideally clients should start the program 3 months before IVF treatment starts.

Participant Results


- Get pregnant and carry to term  - for those going through IVF 

- Increase egg quality -  for those egg freezing

- Be healthier and more resilient whatever the fertility outcome - for everyone

For Clinics

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Provide holistic care for patients

Why our treatment works for you

1. Increase chances of conception by almost 5x

Mind-body medicine is clinically proven in group settings to improve loneliness, anxiety and depression, the remain causes of discontinuation of treatment.  



2. We reduce your dropout rates from fertility treatment by supporting your patients. The attrition rate was 70% for some of our clients. 




3. Our teams are trained in Lifestyle and Functional Medicine, so we are evidence-based. Clinically proven to improve health outcomes, especially for infertility. 

What we provide

  1. Design and run the health programs completely - with our team of experts. This includes all health coaching, admin and technology. 

  2. Work closely with all participants to ensure success. Revise the content, as we go to ensure maximum results.

  3. Deliver the group program via our mobile app for 12 weeks. We own the content.

  4. Create personalised plans within the group setting for each client

  5. Communicate with clients in-between sessions, tracking progress and sharing additional content and reminders to reach their goals - across nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.

  6. Measure success - via regular metrics and testing

  7. Hold additional 121 sessions if needed 

  8. Cover liability insurance

Done Deal

Our Clients

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Our Chief Fertility Advisor

Fertility pioneer Dr Alice D. Domar has joined our Advisory Board.

Dr Domar is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and Boston IVF clinic. She is the author of numerous books and a leader in the field of Mind-Body Medicine for Fertility.

Dr Domar has 30+ years of clinical research proving that treating women's mental health increases their rates of conception - which increased by 55% in her studies.

When women take part in her mind-body programs, their dropout rates from fertility treatment also fall dramatically. That's because 'psychological burden' or stress and anxiety is the biggest reason to stop treatment.


Our Founder, Niki

I went through IVF with little support. I now have a baby. 

I'm Niki and I went through IVF treatments a few years ago. I was 40 and in that dreaded age bracket of an older Mum. My husband was 7 years older. I had a busy corporate job and he's an entrepreneur. So we had a winning combination of older bodies, plenty of stress, travel and little free time.


We found that the fertility clinic took us successfully through the medical side, but that it was not really enough. They did not advise us on what to eat or how to relax to really help our chances. Although I'd been learning massage, yoga and meditation for almost 20 years, at that time I was hardly doing any of it. Because I was too busy with my job. 

The clinic took our raw materials-  eggs and sperm- and tried to make the best of it. They didn't work on improving  them by helping us reduce stress and improve nutrition, which I now know works. They were not there to support us when things didn't work or when we had a miscarriage. We had to deal with that alone. And that hurt. 

I have lived in the UK for 25 years, moving to Spain, USA, India and now Sri Lanka. I set up Maximise Me to help busy urban couples get and stay pregnant using Eastern wellness techniques and Western Medicine. I myself am certifying as Functional Medicine Health Coach.


I've put together the best team of specialists to help you. We hope you'll work with us to maximising your and your partner's chances.

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