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Why it's Time to Talk about Fertility

Fertility affects 1 in 6 couples globally.

The best employers realise the importance of supporting 

mental and physical health, especially for high achievers. 

 Research shows that experiencing infertility can have a tremendous impact on the daily life and professional roles of women. Going through it in silence precludes women from receiving support from their employers throughout the process.

PCOS is a condition that appears significantly in high performing women and is widely acknowledged to be correlated with high achievement.

Women are also delaying pregnancy due to their careers, leading to more seeking fertility treatments. 

Lengthy fertility treatments can have serious emotional, physical, and financial impacts on a woman and her partner. The average length of time is 2 years.


There are several actions leaders can take to understand these impacts and to foster an environment of support and inclusion. Organizations that enable employees to prosper in their careers through various life chapters will be able to attract and retain experienced and high-potential employees.

Read full article Harvard Business Review

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How we help you

We work directly with your teams offering 121 health coaching specifically for couples going through fertility challenges. They could be going through fertility treatments, experiencing recurrent miscarriages or having trouble conceiving.

This will be impacting their mental and physical health and generally occupying their minds. 

Find out more about 121 coaching for your employees.

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