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121 Fertility Coaching

Get the support of a Fertility Heath Coach through regular video calls

that fit into your schedule.

We help you with stress, nutrition, exercise and any other area of your life that our  health assessment throws up as blocking your chances.

Our Functional Medicine Health Coaches are knowledgable and certified in these areas as well as in motivational psychology and how to form habits.


If we believe further specialists from our team can help you, we will bring them in too. These could be a Psychotherapist, Fitness Coach or Yoga Teacher. 

So you get a holistic team of experts working with you!  


This all happens via our GDPR - compliant tele-health app or in-person.

121 coaching helps you by

Diagnosing what you need

Whether you've been told you'd never get pregnant, that you need to lose weight, have low ovarian reserve or have irregular periods, we do a health assessment to see what the root causes might be. 

Reaching your goals

We tell you how we can help- for example nutrition can raise your egg and sperm quality, other lifestyle changes like better sleep can make your menstruation regular.


We help you do this through working together on your fears, and being accountable to us: getting you healthier so your chances of getting pregnant increase.

Keeping your motivation going

Our Health Coaches are trained in Functional Medicine which looks at your personality and overall vision for your life as your intrinsic motivators.

Instead of relying on will power which is short-lived, we break  down your goals into micro-habits, so they are no longer overwhelming, and become achievable.


You'll be likely to stick to these changes after you've finished working with us.  

Think of a psychotherapist for overall health. That's what a health coach is.  

Our tele-health app

You use our secure mobile app which means we are with you every step of the way. No emailing and Whats Apping. We do all your assessments and history here as well as develop your Care Package and recorded content.


You'll speak to us regularly through a Zoom call in the app, track your meals by taking photos, your moods and elimination, get meal plans and connect us to your devices to easily track your progress- e.g.  sleep, relaxation and steps!


You'll also get videos to watch and articles to read plus reminders of what you've committed to doing. 

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